Our Projects

Our Projects

ILNB has worked with many real estate & construction businesses, corporate brands, startups and NGOs. Here is a glimpse of our work so far. A lot has been brewing the ILNB lab so we will be updating this section regularly.

How long do we take to deliver kickass videos?

We're quick as a bunny! We've provided awesome finished videos in less than 12 hours. Now that's a turnaround time hard to beat.

Our Clients

Reliance Jio

"ILNB is super happy to work with one of India's biggest brands, Reliance, for their much talked about Jio commercial. Our aerial footage of the famous Qutab Minar in Delhi looks perfect in the ad. Check it out!"

Business Insider


"Business Insider, the prestigious news magazine, challenged us to show India's problems through an aerial video. We chose to show something that makes us lose 420 million man hours every month – traffic! The video is rightly titled as 'Indian Traffic – A Functional Chaos."



"DLF is India's most famous real estate company. The award-winning company has made several luxury offices, villas, condos and apartments. DLF wanted to show their projects in a unique way so they hired ILNB to do the job. Here is a video that we made for them. Watch and tell us if you think we were successful in showing urban living like never before.

Warning: This video will show you a completely different picture of India. For a second you may think that you are are in LA or Miami!


"World's most admired power solutions company, Su-Kam, is now on a mission to Solarize
India. ILNB's aerial geniuses helped Su-Kam show their beautiful solar installations to the world in this amazing video. The video and pictures we made for Su-Kam was appreciated so much that it even helped them to get more solar projects. We feel great to work with this Indian brand that has made all Indians proud."

Bharti Real Estate

"This real estate company wished to show Delhi in a different light to tell its potential residents that it is indeed great to live close to such a historical city. We shot a video to show key historical sites in the heart of India. This video came out to be so good that our supporters commented that it could be official video for Delhi Tourism.


"This Gurgaon start-up founded by a group of new age entrepreneurs aims to deliver organic milk produced in green farms to city dwellers. The brand wished to communicate its story to their customers so that they can see how honest and sincere their effort is. ILNB's short video did the job."

Seat Smart

"This startup has a quirky solution to a problem that everyone faces in their cars. Watch the video to know the problem and its solution by seat smart"

Wandering for Wellness

"We helped a fitness guru show her health and fitness brand from up in the air. She was very happy with the aerial video that shows her literally wandering for wellness."

Indian Villages From Above

"This is a must watch video for all city people to see what happens on a lazy Sunday evening in a village in Haryana."

Beyond India

"We worked with an international travel company to shoot breathtakingly beautiful views of Bangkok and Cambodia. ILNB team was delighted to capture one of the world's 7 wonders – Angkor Wat temple. It is world's largest temple:"

Media Houses

businessinsider india-times etcio

ILNB recently created a video to pay tribute to PM Modi's solar vision for India. The video should spectacular views of solar installations across India and has Modi's voice in the background. One of India's top websites, Satyavijayi, liked the video so much that they decided to write an article about it. Check it out here.

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